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I'm not a reporter. I don't write corporate newsletters. I write about current or trending business/technology issues, considering and evaluating their effect on consumers, the marketplace, verticals, and of course, specific companies. More often than not, my writing is related to retail and m/e-commerce, yet I explore subjects dear to me, such as HUI (Humanized User Interface™) and UX/CX (user experience/customer experience) regularly too.

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I've been quoted in more than 20 retail and business publications, which is a real honor. It's probably because I haven't needed to be a yes man to build a career and have shunned the standard line of crap to say what I believe.

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Five Pain Points Grocers Must Address Immediately to Survive in an Amazon/Whole Foods World

Grocery was renowned as a thin margin high volume category, struggling to leverage m/e-commerce profitably. Then Amazon acquired Whole Foods. Transformation is coming, it’s official now. Irrespective of what Amazon plans for Whole Foods and the grocery vertical and what “experts” speculate, in order for…

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Retailers are Selling Their Soul and Giving Away Customers

In Jim Croce’s classic “You Don't Mess Around With Jim” he warns “You don't tug on superman's cape, You don't spit into the wind, You don't pull the mask off that old lone ranger, And you don't mess around with Jim.” If he were with us to update the ditty for some of today’s retailers, he might change the last caution to…

Amazon Echo

No Surprise: It Sounds Like Alexa Will Recognize Your Voice Soon

Time magazine put out an exclusive that Amazon’s popular assistant Alexa will soon be able to identify people by voice. The magazine is making this sound like an Amazon breakthrough, but it’s far from it. In fact, this is the most underwhelming…

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Another "Amazon Should Fear Google" Scenario That Won't Happen

Google just announced what some may feel is an overdue response to Amazon’s wildly successful Echo/Alexa product line: shopping via Google Assistant on the Google Home device. Just like with Alexa, users can talk to the app/device and purchase “everyday essentials—from paper towels to vitamins”…

FedEx tractor trailer

Can Walmart Really Steal Amazon’s Thunder with Free 2-Day Shipping?

Walmart’s recent announcement about scrapping it’s $49/year Amazon Prime rival program ShippingPass in favor of a no cost, anyone can benefit, free two-way shipping policy, has generated buzz for the retailer. Now anyone purchasing at least $35 worth of merchandise from a 2 million item assortment can get the deal…

Steve Jobs

Crowdfunding: Does a Successful Campaign Validate a Viable Business Opportunity?

According to folklore, Steve Jobs knew exactly what people wanted or what their needs were and with that skill, created products that consumers couldn’t resist. Legend also has it that Apple never did user research or focus groups. Well… Steve did have a good product track record, but his ideas didn’t always work and there are people who say Apple did indeed do user research and product testing in the Jobs days…

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