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Ken Lonyai

Experience Evangelist

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Advocating for the user. Creating innovative, memorable experiences.
Balancing technology and trends with user needs and business goals.

Retail | Mobile | Internet | Enterprise | Start-up


intelligent/virtual assistants | chatbots Humanized User Interfaces™ | sensory technologies | physical/digital installations

UX Design

needs assessment | user research | personas journey maps | wireframes | service design iterative improvement

Product Development

desktop | enterprise | mobile | internet hardware | devices | IoT
B2B | B2C | B2B2C

  • Each time the MTA tasked him (Ken) to design a technology that hasn't been created before; he enthusiastically accepted the challenge without hesitation and always delivered on his promises. ...His focus on user experience is clearly evident in every aspect of deliverables he was responsible for, always expressing concern for simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive interfaces...

    Jason Lurz, Director of Operations, MTA

  • ...we can always rely on Ken to cut through the common perceptions of digital media/marketing issues and trends. His commentary is consistently fact-based, insightful and challenging to the status quo.

    Rick Moss, President, Founder, RetailWire

  • Ken provides a unique perspective that forces you to think out of the box about how to create a great user experience!

    Mark Annett, Medical Device Designer and Patent Agent

  • He (Ken) has excellent knowledge of software application development and interface design across a variety of platforms and operating systems. His dedication to building first-rate apps is very admirable...

    Bob Peterson, President, Inelect

  • ...he (Ken) also authored various technology implementation studies, to determine the viability of introducing new technologies and applications to our agency. ...Ken is professional, reliable, and committed to the success of whatever he is involved with.

    James Peyton, Deputy Director of Operations, MTA

  • ScreenPlayInteractive came to present "Amazing UX Strategies for Mobile Developers" at our monthly MobileDevNJ meetup. I was amazed by the level of detail and expertise Ken has on the subject.

    David Rodriguez, Entrepreneur/Software Architect

  • ...he (Ken) has come to understand my business as more of a partner and continues to provide much appreciated guidance, responsiveness, and strong marketing intuition. Excellent skills, responsiveness to client needs, and up to date subject matter expertise make it easy to recommend Ken.

    Steve Moccio, Management Consultant, PMP


It's all about outcomes.

Every project is user centered, user first, so my commitment is to exceed user expectations, inspire deeper engagement, create buzzworthiness, and always increase profits. Here's how I get it done:


My first objective is to peel back client’s “wants” to uncover definable problems and then cultivate attainable strategies to solve their user facing issues. Often, a breakthrough occurs when the results demonstrate that the real issues or true user needs, differ from the perceived.


Working from user insights, needs assessments, client aspirations, team input, and heuristics, I develop insightful, useful, and amazing project concepts that can be developed within technology and budget constraints, while avoiding the "me too" design blinders.

Team building/Collaboration

Being multidisciplinary, I work with skilled people from different backgrounds, assembling cross-functional teams whose insights I value and coalesce into a well-oiled, production machine.


Acting as a liaison, evangelist, guide, and teacher, I facilitate dialogs between client agency dev team sales marketing user, with a special aptitude for communicating and representing UX/CX to C-level leaders.

Project management/Leadership

There are lots of moving parts, individual objectives, and milestones to achieve, so I use lean oriented methods to bring things to fruition, keep team members on-target, and maintain budget and delivery schedule.


Never quit. Never surrender. Work hard and always make it better.


Lots of projects, platforms, technologies, form factors, and a User Experience Award (UXie) too.


Thought leadership and opinion on all areas of my work.

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Ken Lonyai      October 15, 2016

I'm not a reporter. I don't write corporate newsletters. I write about current or trending business/technology issues, considering and evaluating their effect on consumers, the marketplace, verticals…

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Five Pain Points Grocers Must Address Immediately to Survive in an Amazon/Whole Foods World

Ken Lonyai      June 20, 2017

Grocery was renowned as a thin margin high volume category, struggling to leverage m/e-commerce profitably. Then Amazon…

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Know Me by My Comments

Ken Lonyai      February 2, 2017

I've been quoted in more than 20 retail and business publications, which is a real honor. It's probably because I haven't needed to be a yes man to build a career and have shunned the standard line of crap to…

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