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I'm Ken Lonyai, UX/CX advisor, analyst, strategist, innovator and evangelist.

I create amazing customer experiences that increase your profit and define your brand.

My work incorporates in-depth research and analysis, effective strategic planning, and imaginative technology design.


retail stores | m/e-commerce | mobile | internet

I work as a closely trusted advisor to retail, m/e-commerce. and brand executives concerning their UX/CX and technology initiatives. Either by solving existing shortcomings or developing compelling experiences at all customer touchpoints—even hidden ones. I make competing with Amazon achievable.

My core objective is always the same: increase profitability by leveling-up customer experiences and growing customer lifetime value. That brings added benefits of increased brand relevancy and alignment of business goals and customer needs/desires.

My methods encompass blending strategic guidance/leadership, core UX techniques, technology development/integration, and multidisciplinary team management. Evangelizing on behalf of users, presenting to stakeholders/C-suite executives, and coalescing divergent points of view, is just another day at the office.

One-part CXO. One-part strategist. One-part tech innovator. 100% undaunted by difficult challenges.

There is no CX that I can't improve.


Unsure where to begin? My skills span the UX/CX and technology spectrums, so solving your problems and exceeding your goals is absolutely doable.

  • heuristic review
  • SWOT analysis
  • gap analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • user testing (contextual observation, usability, card sorting, remote, affective, gaze tracking)
  • customer sentiment
  • Net Promoter
  • retail store/display design/effectiveness

  • UX Profitability Continuum
  • omnichannel
  • m/e-commerce
  • in-store
  • customer lifetime value
  • personas/journey mapping
  • technology implementation
original design or improvement of…
  • mobile apps & web apps/sites
  • chatbots, artificial assistants, VUI’s (voice interfaces)
  • kiosks, in-store displays, in-store technology
  • IoT
  • AR
  • HUI
  • software
  • hardware

Experience and Commerce is an exploration of the business of customer experience in digital commerce and retail, based on Ken Lonyai’s CX Profitability Continuum theorem. Strategy, technology, innovation, execution, and failure. It’s all part of the discussion.

Each time the MTA tasked him (Ken) to design a technology that hasn't been created before; he enthusiastically accepted the challenge without hesitation and always delivered on his promises. ...His focus on user experience is clearly evident in every aspect of deliverables he was responsible for, always expressing concern for simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive interfaces...

Jason Lurz, Director of Operations, MTA

...we can always rely on Ken to cut through the common perceptions of digital media/marketing issues and trends. His commentary is consistently fact-based, insightful and challenging to the status quo.

Rick Moss, President, Founder, RetailWire

His patience as we worked through my firm's needs, resposiveness to inquiries, and respect for the firm's resources were always appreciated. Over the years, as I've gone back to Ken for further support, he has come to understand my business as more of a partner, and continues to provide much appreciated guidance, responsiveness, and strong marketing intuition

Steven Moccio, Senior Program Manager - SVP - Global PMO at Citi

He (Ken) has excellent knowledge of software application development and interface design across a variety of platforms and operating systems. His dedication to building first-rate apps is very admirable...

Bob Peterson, President, Inelect

...he (Ken) also authored various technology implementation studies, to determine the viability of introducing new technologies and applications to our agency. ...Ken is professional, reliable, and committed to the success of whatever he is involved with.

James Peyton, Deputy Director of Operations, MTA

Ken provides a unique perspective that forces you to think out of the box about how to create a great user experience!

Mark Annett, Medical Device Designer and Patent Agent