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osk-R2 interactive kiosk

The design challenge for this project was to fit a ton of hardware options into a very small volume/footprint while looking unique and appealing. This was pre-tablet days, so ultra-compact touchscreens and motherboards did not exist as options..

Other design factors such as usability (multiple influences), accessibility (ADA guidelines), materials/finishes, durability in unattended public spaces, operational reliability, safety, physical security, spill resistance, and even trash abandonment were part of the task. Considerations including sightline impact, cost, manufacturability (at multiple quantity levels), and more, were rolled up into one compact package.

By default, osk-R2 had a capacitive touch screen, powerful processing capabilities, premium sound system, and wired or Wi-Fi connectivity. Careful design enabled versatility and increased functionality with the addition of options like a camera, mic, automatic daylight/lowlight readable screen, fragrance system (SPIA iScent), thermal printer, card reader, RFID reader, bar code reader, presence sensor, and a UPS.

The design process I assumed was the same as with the osk-R1 model, starting with concept sketches, then morphing into full scale wooden mockups, followed by detailed production ready CAD drawings, a BOM (bill of materials), finish specs, and component specs.

Additionally, I worked very closely with our manufacturing providers to oversee all production/assembly issues and ensure that we could always meet delivery deadlines.


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