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Reebok interactive shoe display app

This project explored how interactivity in b&m retail would benefit Reebok shoe sales. The application was part of an interactive retail display that aesthetically mimicked a static display already in use in stores.

The unit displayed two styles of real running shoes alongside an integrated touch screen. Picking up a shoe would trigger content (using the SPIA LiftOff system) or a user could touch the screen to engage.

Most shoppers have not encountered a retail display with these features, so the user experience had to be clear and easy to grasp w/o need for explanation. It was!

This app was ahead of its time, offering the now popular “endless aisle” feature as part of the experience. To make it work, it integrated AI into a survey that asked some basic questions to algorithmically determine appropriate shoe recommendations. Data collection and analytics for all interactions were baked-in, before that became the norm.

The unit also had a digital foot measuring device that a user could stand on. The application received the consumer’s measurement and then, based upon stock on-hand (real-time inventory), could integrate the measurement data into product suggestions, to create a highly valuable and delightful user experience.

My role was multifaceted: hardware design and integration, information architecture, logic design for the survey algorithm, and project/team management.


  • Client


  • Platform


  • My contributions

    UX design, information architecture, wireframing, hardware design, project management

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