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Ken Lonyai

There is no UX that I can't improve.


  • Thought leader on the business implications of user/customer experience.
  • Advisor to retail and brand executives concerning UX/CX initiatives that enhance the bottom line, especially when they incorporate user-facing technologies.
  • Analyst proficient at interpreting signals from heuristic, qualitative/quantitative indicators, and research, melding them into SWOT-based directives.
  • Strategist adept at architecting amazing user experiences for retailers and brands, transforming stores into destinations that consumers seek out and want to engage with.
  • Innovator of original technologies that span nearly every realm of human/computer interface used by retailers and brands—web, mobile, interactive kiosks, experiential/intelligent displays, etc.
  • Creator of the term Humanized User Experience (HUI) and co-founder of HUI Central – NY the world’s largest HUI community
  • Producer of numerous interactive projects utilizing multisensory technologies, (voice, gesture, facial, affective, gaze, fragrance, AI).
  • Team leader of the only kiosk project to ever win a User Experience Award.
  • Host of the “Experience and Commerce” podcast, a panel discussion exploring topics and issues impacting user experience in m/e-commerce and retail.
  • Developer of the CX/Profitability Continuum—a concise thesis to guide commerce-focused businesses to better profitability.
  • Speaker and author of numerous articles examining UX/CX, tech, and business matters relevant to brands and retail.
Never give up. Never surrender. (Galaxy Quest)
If the rules don't fit, change the rules. (Kobayashi Maru)
It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. (Grace Hopper)


Co-founder: HUI Central

With over 1,700 members, HUI Central – NY was the planet’s largest HUI/natural user interface group (HUI™ = Humanized User Interface™ ). We explored everything related to HUI and how humans can engage in experiences with apps and devices that mimic the experiences they have with other humans. We met each month in NYC and our members spanned all disciplines of tech and business including developers, designers, UX people, VC’s, analysts, entrepreneurs, and more.

Speakers ran the gamut, talking about topics such as AI, machine vision, voice technologies, gestural technologies, haptics, eye gaze, etc., from companies including Intel, Microsoft, IBM Watson, Amazon, Nuance, Tobii, etc., tons of start-ups/small companies, and universities including MIT Media Lab, Drexel, UPenn, and Columbia, and me and co-founder Deb Benkler.

Additionally, we held some amazing hackathons including the first ever official IBM Watson Hackathon and two for Microsoft Kinect – New York & Austin.


rescue dogd Fred and Dice

Volunteer: Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption

With so many deserving animals in need everywhere, I’m privileged to give my time to help out this very sweet bunch of dogs.