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New car shopping mobile app

This project started as a contract to build an app for a client of an agency. After participating in client meetings and biting my lip through discussions about essentially what would become a run-of-the-mill mobile app, I offered a new approach.

Instead of an app that customers would be asked to download once they were visiting the car dealership, I proposed rethinking the entire user experience as a service design project that was 180 degrees opposite of what was planned. My recommendation was to hand out tablets to shoppers (locked onto the app) as they entered the dealership concierge, rather than intrude upon their personal device. In that way, the shopping experience would be seamless, time efficient, and would demonstrate to customers that the dealership is trusting and a trustworthy partner.

After initial hesitation, the client came to love the idea. Further details of the approach are still under wraps, but the journey map illustrates the overall principle of how this experience works.


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    UX design, service design, product development

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