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Sweat Nation web/mobile/Facebook app

Motivated to solve a problem for recreational athletes that were struggling to find fellow enthusiasts to play their favorite sports with, I produced this cross-platform SaaS application. Rather than relying on gut instinct and a mental vision to advance the concept, I followed a proper UX regimen and performed user research, created a user flow, and developed key personas. Doing so was a powerful exercise in eliminating bottlenecks and user frustrations that would not have been obvious with only a conceptual approach.

These tools from my UX toolkit not only performed as compelling mechanisms for me to envision the product and market, but also to illustrate to others what the application would do and who would use it. In place of the overdone slide deck, the journey map and personas (a convincing pitch too!) sealed the deal for the first round of investment.


  • Client

    Sweat Nation

  • Platform

    Web, mobile, Facebook

  • My contributions

    UX design, information architecture, product development, project management

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